Fertility is the natural ability of humans to perform the process of reproduction. If an individual is a fertile individual then the individual can get a child by marriage with other fertile individuals. However, fertility problems cannot be ascertained as sterility, but infertility does reduce the likelihood that successful conception will occur.

Disturbance in fertility is very disturbing the life of a husband and wife. Fertility problems can affect anyone regardless of man or woman. This is caused by a lot of things that affect the reproductive system in women or men. So, when if you and your spouse are suffering from infertility, it is best to go to a health center specializing in fertility such as the Singapore Fertility so that you both can be treated immediately to solve the problem.

Fertility problems can occur individually in certain couples. Research shows that of all fertility problems, 40% of them are due to the man and 40% of them are caused by the woman. However, 30% of all cases of fertility abnormalities are found in a married couple. There is nothing to blame when your partner experiences fertility because there are so many factors that affect the human body that it can cause infertility.

A spouse or individual in the couple may be stated infertile or infertile when after 2 years of marriage does not also occur pregnancy. Couples who use contraceptives certainly can not be categorized as infertile, because they tend to try to prevent conception.

As for the causes, there are so many factors that cause infertility in both men and women. In men, even though in fact, the root of these factors is hormonal disorders, but there are some free factors caused by abnormalities or external factors. Meanwhile, in women, there is a cycle that causes at certain times women will be less fertile (infertile, infertile) while at other times, the woman will be fertile. Fertility in women will increase rapidly for a few days, so choose a fertile time when will be associated. Usually, two days before and two days after ovulation. Ovulation is the maturation of the egg cell so it is ready to be fertilized. This provision is not universal and is experienced differently from one woman to another. Disorders of the hormone can cause infertility in women although there are many causes of infertility in women. To find out more about infertility in women, exposed as follows causes of infertility in women.